Stamford Quarter 'Visual Hug'

The Altrincham community are putting out a very special request to you, the Children. 

We would like you to spread some joy by creating a “Visual Hug” for us all to see and feel. 

Simply print and display, colour, design or customise this flower picture and put it in your window for us all to see. 

You might not be able to see your friends at school or in the park at the moment, but when you see this flower it will remind you that we are all still here, thinking of each other. Send your friends and neighbours a message to tell them what the flower is for and encourage them to join in too. 

Once you’ve finished your Altrincham Flower and placed it in the window, please spread some happiness by posting a picture on the Stamford Quarter Facebook page.

With a bit of community-powered creativity led by the children of Altrincham, we hope that the streets will be filled with visual hugs to remind everyone that we are in this together, we are thinking of those we can’t see physically and that being kind to one another is what we’re all about in Alty.

We'll have some printed versions arriving at the Management Suite on the 4th Floor from Monday so come and grab one! 


Visual Hug Picture